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Brandon Frere – An Attitude of Gratitude Determines Your Altitude

Let me introduce you to Brandon Frere, a leader who embodies humility and compassion in everything he does. Born and raised on a picturesque cattle ranch in West Sonoma County, California. Brandon’s upbringing instilled in him a deep sense of gratitude and empathy. He attributes his growth to the influence of his French and Italian immigrant relatives and the invaluable support of his close-knit, multi-generational family.

Throughout his childhood, Brandon found inspiration in his twin brothers – both remarkable individuals, one serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and the other excelling in the field of finance. Their achievements drove him to emulate their admirable qualities.

Equally influential was his grandfather, a highly accomplished home developer with a legacy spanning over half a century. Brandon’s curiosity about construction was kindled by his grandfather’s success soat just 18 years old, Brandon made the decision to follow in his footsteps, humbly embracing a career as a construction professional.

Brandon’s educational journey began at Santa Rosa Junior College, where he pursued multiple associate degrees before transferring to California State University, Chico. There, he dedicated himself to earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management.

Brandon, with his grandparents, celebrating his graduation from CSU, Chico with a degree in Construction Management, honoring his grandfather’s legacy.

Alongside his studies, Brandon explored the world, living and working in diverse locations such as the United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Southeast Asia, and other unique countries across the globe.His affinity for adventure has always extended beyond the borders of his hometown. Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to broaden his horizons, he has ventured across the globe, immersing himself in these diverse cultures and captivating landscapes. From traversing the rugged terrains of distant lands to diving into the depths of enchanting underwater worlds, Brandon has embraced the thrill of new experiences and cherishes the lifelong memories they create.

Brandon, accompanied by his two beloved sons, Parker and Grayson Frere.

An avid athlete since his childhood, Brandon’s adventurous spirit led him to engage in activities like snowboarding across North America, scuba diving remote locations, whitewater rafting, and surfing around the world. He also embraced dirt bike racing and competitive waterskiing, always seeking the thrill of adrenaline.

It was during a pivotal moment in his dirt bike racing journey that Brandon faced a life-altering accident, enduring severe injuries to the vertebrates in his neck.Against all odds, his unwavering resilience and determination carried him through a remarkable recovery.

Today, Brandon Frere finds himself immersed in a purposeful and fulfilling life, surrounded by his cherished family and friends in the serene landscapes of West Sonoma County. With each passing day, he remains deeply grateful for the blessings of love, connection, and shared experiences that define his journey.

From a young age, Brandon demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit. As a child, he would eagerly climb trees to harvest mistletoe, selling it door-to-door during the holiday season. At the age of 8, he became the top seller of See’s Candy chocolate bars for his soccer league and was always seeking opportunities to learn about business and commerce. While navigating the uncertainties of his childhood, Brandon humbly acknowledged that he had yet to discover his true calling and purpose.

During his college years and abroad, he worked various service-based jobs such as waiting tables and tending bar, immersing himself in diverse experiences for people from all backgrounds worldwide.

Brandon Frere

Brandon even organized a groundbreaking event during his junior year in college, the first-of-its-kind “auto-flee market” in Chico, aiming to bring buyers and sellers together to engage in trade.

Following his graduation from Chico State, Brandon embarked on a career in home building, spending five years managing the construction and land development of thousands of homes throughout Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area. This period granted him invaluable insights into effective organization and the art of exceeding customer expectations by delivering exceptional results for both the business and customers.

As his journey unfolded, Brandon ventured into personal real estate development and investment. During this phase, he experienced a profound awakening—a realization that his true passion lay in the realm of business. Guided by a burning question, “How can I make the invisible visible?” Brandon embarked on a profound introspective journey to define his life’s purpose.

Over the years, Brandon ventured into the spa franchise industry and this brought him unprecedented success, allowing him to purchase, scale, and generate extraordinary profits from various locations in the Sacramento and Bay Area regions. As a servant leader, he recognized the value of blending marketing, sales, operations, finance, and technology into a perfect infrastructure and fostering a culture of excellence in customer service.

Frere Enterprises, Inc.  – Pioneering Advanced Technology Solutions for Businesses Through AI-Driven Digital Transformation Services. 

However, Brandon also saw the limitations of traditional brick and mortar businesses and felt a calling to explore alternative paths. It was this introspection that gave birth to Frere Enterprises (visit www.frereenterprises.com for more information) – a testament to his unwavering commitment to growth, innovation, and dedication to making things better.

As the Founder and CEO of Frere Enterprises, Brandon embodies the spirit of a servant leader, driven not only by external measures of success but by the desire to create a culture where everyone can thrive. Prioritizing quality and service above all else, he supports and empowers his team to surpass their own expectations, both professionally and personally. Brandon’s true joy in business lies in witnessing the achievements of those around him – seeing them attain their professional, financial, and, most importantly, personal goals. He firmly believes that providing guidance and support for a holistic and balanced life is essential in today’s society. Furthermore, he upholds the values of persistence, resourcefulness, and integrity, recognizing their crucial role in all aspects of one’s journey.

Brandon catching a ride through the Panamanian ocean with his new friend.

While Brandon’s professional endeavors encompass technology-enabled financial services, digital transformation, and business development, his profound “why” centers around helping others achieve their dreams and live their best lives. His purpose is to foster joy, contentment, connectedness, and balance, all while ensuring that the work itself is enjoyable. This compassionate approach has propelled Brandon to become a respected industry leader, a loyal family member and friend, and a dedicated servant of a higher calling.

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